Joint WJ Network – Nunzia Palmieri

Joint WJ Network – Nunzia Palmieri: the Made in Italy-Elegance of Nunzia Palmieri and WJ Network together to relaunch the best of Italy. The Official Partnership between and WjNetwork Nunzia Palmieri, winner Mipel 2013 for the innovative window bag, symbol of the best Italian creative genius, has just started. The WJ Network will accompany Nunzia…

Grana Padano Japan Tour 2015

THE ITALIAN TRADITIONAL TASTE GOES ON AN AMAZING TOUR From Tokyo to Fukuoka, six months discovering the Grana Padano TOKYO – on June 10th Grana Padano starts his first Japan Tour, which will last until the end of July and will be held in Tokyo and Osaka, with the ambitious goal of entering the food…

Joint Wj Network – Tino Generation


Tino’s dream joins our willigness to show you the elegance of Made in Italy products.
We announce the official partnership betwenen the WJNetwork and Tino Generation project, becoming increasingly popular all over the country.
We expect a year full of news and events leading Tino all the way to Japan!
Stay tuned.


BALNIBARBI Co., Ltd: an expanding reality thanks to the nicest Bel Paese. The Balnibarbi group was born in September 1991 in Tokyo, where its headquarters is located but it has been expanding throughout the main cities of Kanto region (Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa) and Kansai one (Osaka, Kyoto, Shiga, Kagoshima) for 23 years activities, coming up…